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U.K. ~ Europe Distributor:
Steve Jackson ~ D.P. Associates

Australia ~ N.Z. Distributor:
Dragster Australia

AA/Gassers & AA/Supercharged Promos(2 DVD Set)
$15.00 + S&H

The AA/Gassers will always deliver wild and noisy action. The very popular 1930's and '40s body styles keep the tradition and history of "Gassers" alive and well. These AA Supercharged beasts now run on alcohol, but maintain the look of the type of Gassers that we all loved in the 60's. A wing of some kind is now a must for these short wheel based monsters, reaching elapsed times in the sixes and speeds over 200 mph. These 2 Promotional DVDs will leave you longing to get to that next race where they will appear.
Running Time: 23 min.

Available in DVD format.


(23 min)

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