Jamie's Story

This program contains some of the rarest historical film ever seen on the 1960's Drag Racing machinery. With a unique collection of Front Engine Fuelers, Funny Cars, AFXers, Wheelstanders, Oddballs and Exhibition cars, this video will go down in Drag Racing history as the greatest collection of colorful nostalgia on one video cassette. Hot Rod events announcer Dan Danner describes all the special historical sequences. This program is full of spectacular "live" action shots of cars losing the battle of the Quarter Mile, whether from crashing, burning, wheelstanding or going every way but straight. Strict safety rules pays off as no driver is seriously hurt in this program. We've honored Austin Coil and Pat Minick in a special workup on the famed "Chi Town Hustler" FunnyCar. We'll also turn loose the Hi-Tech, hard charging big boys of the '90s with unrestricted sound in all their four and five second glory. Sooner or later, Drag Racing will take you to the wild side and so will Wildshots Oldies & Goodies!

(90 Minutes)

Wildshots Oldies & Goodies

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