Jamie's Story

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My love and enthusiasm for drag racing was born out of that first trip to Cotati Raceway which highlighted a dragster match race between Sammy Hale in The Champion Speed Shop Chevy and Sneaky Pete Robinson's Drag Master Chevy.

That race in 1961 left me awestruck at the speed and noise of which these cars produced. I was equally excited with the gassers and altereds and to this day I still enjoy the color and diversity of the sport. I brought my older brother Sonny along when I started full time attendance in 1964. We started taking photos almost immediately, but quickly resorted to my parents mm Brownie Hawkeye movie camera and Kodak color film. We filmed all of the races we attended for 16 years straight. After about a four-year break due to burnout, video taking became popular and affordable which captured our enthusiasm for the "drags" once again, but this time we would have live sound and a lot more coverage of each event.

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