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The rare color film footage combined with modern day nostalgia video has made Jackson Bros. Videos legendary among motor sports and auto racing fans. Our love & enthusiasm for nostalgia drag racing is reflected in our racing videos. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them!

The largest historical film & modern nostalgia racing video archives in the world.


Exciting Moments In Pro Gas Racing (2 DVD Set)
Door Slamin' Action at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, Calif. Cars will be running on the Nostalgia Gas Class Index system. B/Gas---8:60 Index. C/Gas-9:60 Index. D/Gas-10:60 Index. Includes the West Coast Pro Gas Promo and the Don Helbling 72' Nova going against a large variety of competitors in the C/Gas category. The cars do the talking with un-restricted audio.

Running Time--50 min.


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Terry Rose-A/Gas '40 Willys Gasser - Video Scrapbook
This Video Scrapbook on Terry also contains many other popular Gassers running on the West Coast. The cars were recorded with unrestricted audio. The full sound of the Terry Rose Pro Stock type launches is music to the ears. Long Live The Gassers...!
4 DVD Set - Video Scrapbook

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CBI Racing - Video Scrapbook
The boys from Alabama came all the way to Famoso Raceway and Pomona and kicked butt in a special way. The CBI Racing Team with Jeff Wilkerson at the wheel had a beautiful, hard charging A/Gas '41 Willys and also a AA/Gas Corvette. Both cars won their class at a big Famoso extraordinary feat....! This Video Scrapbook on the CBI Willys also contains many other Gassers in tough competition.

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Snake & Mongoo$e Movie
The Jackson Bros were instrumental in the making of this "real" movie with their contributed historical film footage of both the Snake & Mongoose in their hey-day. Over 30 historical 1960s & '70s clips of the Jackson Bros were used. The movie depicts the colorful rivalry of the Mongoo$e & Snake. A big highlight of the movie is when Jim Nicoll's AA/Fuel Dragster broke in half at the top end while racing the Snake (footage by ABC Sports at the time). Jackson Bros film footage was also used in the "trailer" /promo video of the movie.
Running Time: 102 min. Rated-PG-13

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AA/Gassers & AA/Supercharged Promos

The AA/Gassers will always deliver wild and noisy action. The very popular 1930's and '40s body styles keep the tradition and history of "Gassers" alive and well. These AA Supercharged beasts now run on alcohol, but maintain the look of the type of Gassers that we all loved in the 60's. A wing of some kind is now a must for these short wheel based monsters, reaching elapsed times in the sixes and speeds over 200 mph. These 2 Promotional DVDs will leave you longing to get to that next race where they will appear.
Running Time: 23 min. 2 DVD Set

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Gasser Files 1&2
Still the greatest Gasser video since released in 1988. Click on it on the "Videos" page for more information.
Running Time: 120 min.

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Lions- The Greatest Drag Strip (Part 1-2-3)

Jackson Bros is proud to offer Don Gillespie's Lions Trilogy. Contains footage from the Jackson Bros Archives.

Over 4 hours of rare footage and documentation of Lions Drag Strip.
SAVE BIG..$$$ >>> $45.00 includes S&H.

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4-DVD "Wild Pack"
includes"Wildshots Oldies & Goodies"--- "Nostalgia Wild" --- "X-Treme Nostalgia" "Goodguys Go Wild" DVDs in a 4 DVD Box
Jackson Bros New ”Value Pack DVD Sets” on our existing library of videos is in the making to help make home entertainment an “easy on the budget experience” in these tough financial times. SAVE BIG..$$$ >>> $49.00 plus $6.00 S&H.

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4-DVD "Value Pack"
includes"Gasser Files 1 & 2" --- "Old Funny Cars N'Force" --- "The Shoebox Dream" --- "Return Of The Bad Boys"
5 Hours & 45 Minutes on 4 of the Jackson Bros BEST sellers at a phenomenal price! SAVE BIG..$$$ >>> $49.00 plus $6.00 S&H.

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Wild Pack/Value Pack 8 DVD Combo Special!
Jackson Bros is proud to offer 8 of our most popular DVD's in a special package at a special price!. SAVE BIG..$$$ >>> $100.00 includes S&H.

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Nitro Funnys Dual DVD Package

Jackson Bros is proud to offer their 2 new Nostalgia Funny Car releases in a package.
Over 40 Different Funny Cars to satisfy your NITRO addiction at a great price.

SAVE BIG..$$$ >>> $36.00 includes S&H.

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Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars
Over 22 Nostalgia Funny Cars competing at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California.

2008--2009 Action

Unrestricted * NITRO AUDIO...!

Hard-charging * BURNOUTS...!

Hi-Speed * CHUTE SHOTS...!

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More Nitro Funnys
We did not get all the Funny Cars that competed at March Meet 2008 & 2009 on our recently released video "Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars". Randy Baker wanted to see his car in action and didn't mind seeing the Nitro Funnys that didn't make the first video so we put them on the "More Nitro Funnys" DVD ending up with over 40 Hard Charging different Funnys on the 2 DVDs combined. These cars run All-Out in the full quarter mile and represent WELL...! the glory of the 70's Funny Car. Enjoy the return of the Funnys...!

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