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U.K. ~ Europe Distributor:
Steve Jackson ~ D.P. Associates

Australia ~ N.Z. Distributor:
Dragster Australia


Available in VHS or DVD formats.

(Original video content with new sleeve design only)

All classes of Drag Racing machinery from modern to nostalgia have one goal in common and that is to get down the drag strip in a straight line as quick as possible without blowing up parts or crashing. Let’s get real for a moment. Once upon the quarter mile anything can happen. Not only does this tape show an abundance of neat looking cars making hard straight passes with unrestricted audio, we’ll also include wildshots!

You will see crashes, fires, wheelstands, smokin’ burnouts, into the wall, sideways, squirrelly and just about anything out of the normal. Beautiful cars doing some ugly things. NHRA strict safety rules pay off as no critical injury accidents will take place in this video. Most drivers walk away unharmed.

In life, many people have experienced a “raw deal”, but in Drag Racing, a Raw Drags Adventure is something else! Featured tracks include Fremont, Sears Point, Bakersfield, and Sacramento. A few East Coast wildshots are included. Special thanks to Brian Christiansen for his outstanding ground level video. Thanks also to our East Coast video contributor and worldwide customer support of JBV. Now…let’s return to those thrilling rides of yesterday.

Newly revised video sleeve and now available on DVD. Same program content as before, but better picture and audio quality. The last 3 years of various Fremont Raceway action is included in this program. These "pressed" versions also make it possible to watch the program in 2 parts or straight through.

(118 Minutes)

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