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It has long been the dream of many a young man to own a really fast car. Whether his pleasure may have been cruising or racing, a typical teenager from the '50s might have realized his fantasy from behind the wheel of a 1955 chevy. Those free thinking racers from the past have given new hope and a new name to the great race cars of the '50s- "Shoebox!" Why do present day fans find shoeboxes so intriguing? Because some of these dinosaurs are running the quarter mile in around 7 seconds at close to 200 mph. World record runs of these fabulous '50s cars can be found in the The Shoebox Dream! This tape features: Charles Carpenter's '55 Chevy, Thunder Craft with Rob Vandergriff, Dave Riolo's Temptation-'55 Chevy, Wayne Torkelson & Son's '55 T-Bird, Bob Bunker, Ron Harding, Jr., John Scialpi's Wappado, Kirk Kuhns, Lamar Walden, Mega Ford and Christine. There is a special appearance by Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen's fabulous '57 Chevy AA/Fuel Funny Car and three wild "Upside Down" segments of Shoeboxes biting the dust (with minor driver injury). This tape has live action sound, narration, music and driver interviews.

(82 Minutes)

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