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U.K. ~ Europe Distributor:
Steve Jackson ~ D.P. Associates

Australia ~ N.Z. Distributor:
Dragster Australia

4 DVD Value Pack Includes >>>
Gasser Files 1 & 2---Old Funny Cars N’Force
The Shoebox Dream---Return Of The Bad Boys.


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4 DVD Value Pack

DVD Description
*5 Hrs & 45 Min. of 4 of the Jackson Bros BEST sellers at a phenomenal price

*The 60’s Gassers, featuring some of the greatest legends of the class...Stone-Woods & Cook & Big John Mazmanian, coupled with live action Nostalgia Gassers.

*The 70’s Funny Cars featuring the BIGGEST names of the day at legendary Fremont Raceway and put to a classy jazz rock theme. The Jackson Bros were close to the cars and their slow motion camera work is second to none.

*The Return of the Wild & Wacky Altereds and their knack for their getting UNRULY. Unrestricted Audio...! Loud and Wild...!

*The Original Shoebox Chevy Cars & Blown Door Slammers like Charles Carpenter, Dave Riolo, Rob Vandergriff, Wayne Torkelson, Bob Bunker, John Scialpi, Jeff Littleton & many more.

PRICE: $49.00... Plus $5.00 S&H (CA. Tax Applies)

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