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4-DVD �Wild Pack�
includes�Wildshots Oldies & Goodies�--- �Nostalgia Wild�
�X-Treme Nostalgia� --- �Goodguys Go Wild� DVDs
in a 4 DVD Box


All Videos Available On DVD. Call For VHS Format Availability.

4 DVD Wild Pack

DVD Description
Jackson Bros New ”Value Pack DVD Sets” on our existing library of videos is in the making to help make home entertainment an “easy on the budget experience” in these tough financial times. SAVE BIG..$$$ >>> $49.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

Now Available>>> 4-DVD “Wild Pack” includes, “Wildshots Oldies & Goodies”--- “Nostalgia Wild”--- “X-Treme Nostalgia” --- “Goodguys Go Wild” DVDs in a 4 DVD Box.

Nearly 5 hours of wild and noisy highlights from past Goodguys events and rare old footage of the golden years of Drag Racing. Save almost half off the retail price and bring Nostalgia excitement and thrills into your home for personal enjoyment or those friendly get togethers and Hot Rod parties. Other Value Pack DVD sets on the Gassers and Altereds are planned in the near future. Call the Jackson Bros for more information and availability.

SPECIAL “Christmas Time” OFFER>>> Buy the 4 DVD Wild Pack & 4 DVD Value Pack combined 2 Box--8 DVD package for only $100.00....(Includes S & H)


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